Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well Monday sums it all up..
Mallory is on Spring Break for 2 weeks..
Since we are having awesome weather here..I was trying to take advantage of every opportunity to let the kids be outside and play.
Let me back it up for a second.
Usually in the mornings when Mallory is at school Chase and I cruise up to the park on our bikes.
Well that's about to all change.
Monday we went to the park. As we were pulling up ready to park our bikes I was going at a pretty funky angle and didn't want to overlap wheels with Chase so I went down the cement to the woodchips and there was a dip back up onto the padded play area. Well I thought I would just do a little bunny jump to get back up onto solid ground.
That didn't work out so well.
I flew over my handlebars and luckily was going slow enough to know what I was doing, put my hand down to protect my stomach and fell completely down. I got up, luckily it was early and know one was at the park yet. I wasn't hurt, I didn't fall on my stomach but took a chunk out of my leg from my chain so it was bleeding a little. I got up completely embarrassed like it was my first time on my bike. The kids couldn't believe what I had done.
Well, the next morning I got out of bed and was so shoulders, hamstrings, back, quads and the sore on my leg hurt.
Reality check at that point said to me..oh yea I am 30 weeks pregnant. Oh my gosh..I'm gonna have a BaBY! What the heck was I doing on a bike!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mallory's Actual Birthday Day..

In our family we like to take many days up to celebrate birthdays..
since it does only come once a's just FUN like that.
So, this is Mallory's actual birthday day..she got to take a present to class for herself to leave and share with the rest of the students for the rest of the year. She brought a book..fancy nancy and the posh puppy...and got to bring cupcakes and her class sang her happy birthday..kindergarten style..with cha cha cha..

We came home and did our own little happy birthday celebration song with her.
I can't believe she is six. I just love her!

Happy 6th Birthday Mallory!!
This year we thought that Mallory would love to go to this pottery store and paint a piece of pottery. It couldn't of been a better match for her. She loved it, her friends/cousins loved it. We had a really fun day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our News on Thanksgiving..

On Thanksgiving we announced that Mallory and Chase are going to have another sibling. At that point I was a little over 4 months pregnant.
It was a fun day because we celebrated Thanksgiving with both of our families. First at the Millers and then at the Ewells. The kids each time walked in the front door of the houses to make our announcement. They were so excited to share their news.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Mallory's Thanksgiving Feast at school

the kids each got to choose if they wanted to be a pilgrim or Indian, Mallory didn't want to be either but she managed to keep her bonnet on for a quick snapshot.

Halloween 2010

Miss Fancy Fancy and the Shark..this is what they chose this year. Each of them was so into their character it was cute. Chase was trying to bite everyone because that is what sharks do.. Mallory was just being good old Fancy Nancy!

Actually Mallory was Fancy Nancy with the posh puppy...
trick or treating at the church with cousins..
more cousin shots
Dillon and Mallory
Mallory and cousin Gracie..
both Fancy Nancy..

After the party checking out the candy..

Pumpkin Carving 2010

I've gotta admit that this year was a pretty fun year having a 3 and 5 year old. Every single holiday or idea turned into something pretty memorable for us.

Starting the process. Each one of them decided how they wanted their pumpkin to look. Then Daddy did the hard work.
Actually Mal's doing the hard work...she was loving every minute of this. She's facing the sliding glass door and she could see the reflection of herself. She was completely putting on a show for us...she was talking to us never making any eye contact with us and looking at herself talking to us in the glass. It was pretty funny!
Happy Halloween......their scary faces!